Making Space to Grieve

Life stops when you lose someone.

At least that’s what it feels like when it happens. However, as you start to regain your senses you realize that it’s just everything around you that’s slowed down. The rest of the world keeps moving around you in a blur of colors and you feel like molasses, your feet trapped to the ground struggling to even find a sense of direction.

How can the world keep going at such a pace? Doesn’t it know it’s lost a vibrant soul and nothing…nothing…will ever be the same?

You might even get that heavy chested sense of anxiety as you struggle to keep up. You reach for normal and continually fail to grasp it. Your stress levels increase seeking that equilibrium, but it just isn’t there. It may take you days, months, and even years to find balance again. And when that balance finally comes, you will find something crucial – you have to let go. Of expectations for yourself, performance standards, and the day to day routine.

You have to make space for yourself.  Plain and simple. You can keep moving forward, but it will catch up with you. You need space to grieve. Many days, it will feel good to be distracted by work, sleep, and friends – anything that can take our mind away from the difficult realities. And that’s ok too. However, when you are ready to create space in silence, you will find the peace that eludes you in distraction.

Change and loss are inevitable. If you have pain that has not been grieved…loss of a loved one, loss of a pet, loss of a relationship, change in career…anything…make time to take some moments in silence and recognize them. Take a deep breath of gratitude for everything that is well and precious in your life, and let peace in.

Today’s blog is a simple reminder to appreciate your physical and emotional selves, giving space to process the waves of life.

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