Make 2019 the year that you do the work you were made to do.

2019 welcomes you.

You may grow tired of the annual litany of New Year’s resolutions, and the “New Year, New You” posts, but if you pause and look beyond that, I think you can instead appreciate the annual reminder for awareness. A space where you can refocus, re energize, and renew for the year that is to come.

So here you are – the pages fresh and ready to be filled with your adventures and memories. What do you want to fill them with? What if you intentionally did one big thing you loved every day this year? You’d have 365 magical experiences in your book of life. 365! That’s a big number.

Trouble is, I think a lot of us get caught in the grind and we lose our intentionality, and sometimes even ourselves. According to Forbes, 53% of people in the US report being unhappy in their jobs. That means that over half of the people in the US are spending a good majority of their waking hours doing something they DO NOT enjoy.

If you’re one of these people, you’re literally sleepwalking through your life. This is not the great recession anymore, our economy is pretty darn good and the job market is flush for job seekers. So wake up!

You have a limited bank of years, days, minutes, and even seconds – and you only have ONE life. So don’t put it on hold anymore, do what you love!

Why it matters.

Why should you do what you love? It sounds a little selfish, right? We can’t all grow up to be what we dreamed as children, or pursue that ridiculous passion of painting as a serious career (and hope to make a living doing it).

Can we?

I think one of the lies we get caught up in is that we cannot be that, we cannot do that, or that we should not do that. Whether it is parental, societal, or self-set expectations, the mantra of “we cannot, and we should not” becomes a background track playing in our minds that influences the important decisions we make every day.

But right now I want you hit pause on that track and look around you. Look at all the people out there in the world. I mean ALL the people that make up this beautiful kaleidoscope world. What do you see?

  • I see expats in a strange country teaching English, learning news languages, and touring castles and histories they never would have seen in their hometown.
  • I see small country boys becoming big time rock stars after dreams in a garage blossomed to this reality.
  • I see a graphic designer take her talent from design to e-course creator and making millions.
  • I see a self published author who started with nothing.
  • I see a YouTube star.

And they’re not starving, struggling artists. They’re making a living, they’re impacting others around them, and they’re enjoying their lives!

Are these people the exception?

Some might be, but certainly not all. Many of these people were “normal” people who started without money or connections. And I’m here to tell you that there has never been a better time in the world to pursue any dream you can imagine. You can literally make a career from your couch if you want.

What separates ordinary from the extraordinary is an insatiable desire to aspire. These people have had failures, they are not all overnight successes (though sometimes we kid ourselves into thinking that).

Just like them, you were uniquely and beautifully made for a purpose. Now you don’t have to be spiritual or religious to appreciate that, just look all around you and see how each creature is designed with such amazing intention that it can function and serve the ecosystem around it.

When you are controlled by others expectations, or trapped in your own, you might miss this. Change starts with belief, and if you don’t believe that amazing things can happen in your life, they 100% won’t. If you don’t believe you can, you won’t – because you’ll never even TRY. It’s as simple as that.

When you choose to believe, you won’t stop when you fail. You won’t quit when you face ridicule. Oh, you may go home and lick your wounds and cry to your friends, but come tomorrow you’ll be up there working again. Because you have a knowing that you will succeed, if not today, then tomorrow. It’s coming.

Get to action.  

The world around you needs what you have to offer. Sometimes you might despair and think there are too many people who have the same service, or business, or goals. But no one does it quite like you do, and we all need to hear things differently…sometimes we need to hear it more than once..and heck, sometimes we need to hear it on the daily.

I truly believe there has never been a better time in the history of earth for anyone to create and be exactly what they dreamed. So get out there! Today if the first day of the REST of your life…

Breathe life into your intentions for 2019 by sharing them in the comments below!

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