How Design Revisions Work

First off, let’s quickly define a revision. A revision is when a client provides feedback to the designer to make changes to a design after the initial concept has been created and delivered. Each round of feedback is considered one revision.

A revision is modifying an existing design, but not reworking the entire design in an entirely new direction. That would be considered a redesign and may increase the scope of work (and price) of your project.

Depending on how you’ve engaged with a designer in the past, there may or may not be a limit on how many revisions you are allowed.

How Design Revisions Work

What are the benefits of having a set amount of revisions?

1. Predictable Project Cost

Designers include a set number of revisions so that they can provide you with a flat fee for your design work and you know the exact cost up front. For example, if you purchase one of my branding packages, you receive three initial concepts to choose from and you can request 2 revisions to the concept you choose.

2. To get things done

When it comes to revisions, LESS is more. Having a structure to how many revisions are included helps you consolidate your feedback, make the most effective use of your time, and have a clear conclusion to your project. Without this structure, it can be easy to get stuck in a back and forth loop of endlessly tweaking the design. 

3. To put some skin in the game.

If you have unlimited revisions, you might not approach the request with as much of your attention. Having a set number of revisions creates built-in accountability to achieve the best results.

What if you need more than the set number of revisions?

This will vary by designer, but in most instances, designers are happy to make additional revisions at an hourly rate. I find that my clients very rarely need more revisions than what are included.

In conclusion While a set number of revisions may seem limiting at first glance, now you know it’s actually a really helpful way to create more effective feedback, predictable project costs, and on-time projects so you can move on to the next exciting step in your business! 

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