The Simple LinkedIn Strategy that I use to Land Clients

Post about the work you are doing twice a week on LinkedIn. 

Pretty simple, right? Sounds too easy? Well, using this exact same strategy, I have landed several of my favorite clients – and it was easy! 

Why this worked for me. 

The clients I landed were not connected to me directly, but shared a common connection and thus saw my content. When they clicked on my post I had an immediate vote of confidence because of who we were connected through. 

They could have asked our shared connection for a reference to make sure I was a good resource, but I found that they skipped that step and messaged me directly.

The leads I received were already warm because the “like, know and trust” factor was fulfilled by having a shared connection through a worthy source. 

Pretty amazing, right!? 

If You’re not on LinkedIn, you should be. 

Right now LinkedIn is more like the early days of Facebook where it was possible for your posts to reach a large audience organically without placing ads. Organic = FREE. A lot of people are investing in Facebook and Instagram Ads right now, and if you’re one of them, you know it’s gotten super competitive and pricey. So why not try LinkedIn and see how it works for you? 

I believe LinkedIn is an underutilized resource for many entrepreneurs. Why? At a recent conference for entrepreneurs I asked people I met to connect with me on LinkedIn, and I was surprised when at least 50% laughed and said they didn’t have a LinkedIn, but I could find them on Instagram. I was blown away. 

I wondered how many people were missing out on business opportunities just because they were focused on mature and highly competitive platforms like Instagram. 

I truly think that LinkedIn could be your organic gold mine. Go test the waters and see if it works for your line of business by posting twice weekly. Marketing results are not instantaneous, so give it at least 3-months to see what sort of results you get. It’s a very low investment of time and it’s TOTALLY free. 

What else is hot? 

LinkedIn blogs are hot right now and not a lot of people are doing them. To be honest, I haven’t written one myself (yet). But that’s going to change soon. LinkedIn blogs are a great way to position yourself as an expert to gain more exposure for your business, and you don’t have to create new content. You can use existing blogs from your website to populate on LinkedIn.  

In Conclusion

Welp, that’s it guys! The super simple LinkedIn strategy that any business can find the time and resources to test out. Simply post content twice a week about the work you are doing to help reach a larger audience organically. Message me in 3-months and let me know if you’ve seen success. 

And while you’re at it, connect with me on LinkedIn and tell me how you found me.

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