Just Keep Going

My last blog post was about starting, but sometimes we need motivation to just keep going too. I didn’t think I’d need motivation this early on in the game, but man, life can throw you some fun obstacles when you aren’t asking for them.

My first one was two weeks ago. I was actually making time to write and it was fantastic. I had a blog post all prepped and ready to go with photos and was going to post on my normal Wednesday. I logged into Wordpress and there were some plugin updates. I knew my site was brand new and nearly up to date, so updating these plugins would be a whizz and keep the site running well if I stay on top of updates. Only when I hit update I got the spinning wheel of death and the site logged me out. No big deal, log back into the site..error. Ok, well maybe it’s still updating, I’ll come back later.

Later comes. I log in again, only now I have no error page, I simply have no login page, and oh my whole website has disappeared off the internet as well. Ok, contact customer support, they were quick before, should be quick now. Except…nothing. 24 hours, 48 hours. I submit more tickets, all with promises of 24-hour response. Nothing.

A week goes by. I’m losing it. There is no contact information to get a real human ANYWHERE for my web support. So much for fully hosted service! Finally, I log into the dashboard panel again for the hosting and do some digging. Ah-ha! Perseverance paid off and I found backups of my website and was able to restore to the week before. Viola!

I got a blog post up last week and then went to work on more posts in OneNote online, which has some neat features for writers and lays out in a nice notebook style. Well, my files wouldn’t open and I had no access to any of my blog posts I had written. REALLY!? Universe, I’m really trying to write, why the hurdles?

The short story is that I’m not sure exactly why I had so many hurdles, but it must be for something. So finally, after some patience, the website is still awake and OneNote is running. So here is my post. When it gets hard and frustrating, take a deep breath and let it be. Come back when your mind is ready, but don’t give up if you know you are on the right path. If things are too hard, that might be a different conversation, but that’s a blog post for another day.

Engagement: What are some of the biggest hurdles you’ve run into after starting on a project or dream you’re excited about? What things keep you going?

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