I’ve been afraid to write. I’ve been stuck on a notion that I have nothing new to say- that I am just another mediocre voice lost in the competing waves of a vast digital sea.

But as time slips by, a quiet observation has been brewing in me– each morning we wake up, and we breathe. Every single minute we are breathing- in and out, in and out, a constant rhythm, a constant repetition. Sometimes the pace increases, sometimes it slows, but it is always present. There is nothing boring about breathing; it is simple and it is essential.

At our core level of functionality we are conditioned for this repetition. And although two breaths are an expression of the same thing, no two breaths are ever quite identical and yet all are equally life sustaining.

So yes, maybe I run the risk of saying the same things that others have said before me, but like breath, it does not become any less necessary. Often we must hear the same lesson many times to even begin to receive it. And should my words have some impact on you, it will all have been worth it.

So this year I embrace repetition and my voice, and I hope that my expression will encourage you in your own.

Engagement: Do you ever find it hard to create when there are so many amazing examples to compare yourself against? What things make it easier for you?

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  1. I have to make sure it is about the process – really getting into the actually movements and tools to create the work. It has to be the focus or else you will just keep looking, comparing, and never making.

    1. I love this observation. So often I’ve gotten stuck trying to design something complicated on the computer, and when I finally go back to pencil and paper there is something much more liberating and tangible.

  2. Yes! I had a past boyfriend who would criticize my writing – that is wasn’t strong enough, academic enough, (insert any ridiculous exaggeration), etc…And that held me back in a tremendous way. I am now only pushing through and realizing that it never needed to be perfect. What is important is that you just ‘do’. Get out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself and see what happens. Long story short – we broke up and I got a cookbook deal…so I guess my writing wasn’t too bad in the end 😉

    xx Marie

    1. Love it! There will always be a voice telling you that you won’t be enough, whether it’s from inside or out, you just have to move forward and trust where life takes you. I’ve been amazed at the things that have happened in my life when I simply took a step in any direction – just start!

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