Right now is the time to get your speaker one sheet done.

2020 is here and I know you’re going to bring your A-game. It’s time to step up and stand out like the confident lady boss you are.

Be Recognized and Remembered, get your custom speaker one sheet ready to go!

Mendonsa Media Speaker One Sheet

What can a speaker one sheet do for you?

Don’t let this be another year that you put this off, or think that you will just create one on your own (but it never quite ends up looking as great as the template). 

You are ready to put your best foot forward. A custom one sheet positions you as the premier speaker clients want to hire.


Choose which package fits your business needs. Each package can be customized with the add-ons you need for your business.


Estimated Timeline: 1-2 Weeks

This document will help me get to know your design requirements and if you have any existing assets you’d like to incorporate, such as a logo or other brand material. 

In our consultation I will ask any clarifying questions that came up in reviewing your design strategy questionnaire. We’ll also discuss your speaking career and decide what items we will strategically highlight for the best resonance with your ideal audience. 

You are responsible for the text content of your speaker one sheet, but don’t worry, after our call you will be given a template to fill in the information we’ve decided to include. Easy Peasy! I will review and provide any suggested changes. 

I will design a Speaker One Sheet for you based on the Design Strategy Questionnaire parameters. You sheet may be 1-2 pages depending on how much content you have (2 pages max). 

What’s included: 

  • 1 Design Concept
  • 2 Revisions
  • PDF, JPEG, & Art Files

To celebrate your new speaker one sheet and help you promote your speaking online I’m adding in a special “Now Booking” social share graphic for you!


Estimated Timeline: 4 Weeks

Please refer to Package #1 for a list of all the awesome goodies already included in this package! 

Too many people have great information, but terrible PowerPoints. While it may not ruin your presentation, a bad PowerPoint can make your message confusing and leave you looking unprofessional. 

So why not save yourself the trouble and make a great first impression with your custom design PowerPoint Template? 

What’s included? 

  • 8 Custom Slides
  • 1 Design, 2 Revisions


Estimated Timeline: TBD

Spruce up your package with these awesome add-ons. 

  1. Business Cards – $200
  2. Book One Sheet – $200 (1 page) 
  3. 8-Slide Branded PowerPoint -$600
  4. 1-Page WordPress Site – $1250 
  5. Branded Table Cloth – $100
  6. Mini OR Large Popup Design – $200 
  7. Informational Brochure – Starting at $299
  8. Custom Social Graphic Templates in Canva (x3) – $299


Don’t see what you need? Contact me for a custom quote. 



Hi there! I’m Natasha, a best selling author, serial entrepreneur, and visual branding strategist. My primary goal is to help women like you get recognized and remembered. I take a collaborative approach to design and my clients are excited to actively engage with me throughout the process as we bring your project to life. 

I want your new designs to make you feel like a new outfit does – confident and ready to take on the world!


Simply contact me and we’ll set up a quick 15-minute pre-project call to ensure it feels like a good fit for both parties and then I will send over the paperwork for the contract and deposit.

To reserve space in my calendar I require a signed contract and a 50% deposit for the package and add-ons you choose. The remaining 50% deposit is due at the end of your project to release your final files.

This is a great question, and also a personal choice. Many speakers choose to brand their company with a logo, and others treat their speaking business like a personal brand and may not need or want one. 

If you already have a logo, it is something we can certainly incorporate into your speaker sheet if you desire. 

If you’re considering investing in a brand for your business, please explore my brand packages

If you require further assistance I am happy to discuss what the right decision for your business is on our 15-minute introductory call. If you need assistance beyond that, we can schedule an in depth brand consultation. I know it can be confusing to navigate what to do and when on your own, so I’m always happy to assist my customers make the best decisions to maximize their budget and grow their business strategically.

Yes. For speaker one sheets you want a quality photo of yourself to help connect with your audience. It’s worth the investment, and you’ll be glad you did!  

Now, professional doesn’t have to break the bank. If you don’t have the budget for photography, think outside the box. Can you trade your services with a photographer? Can you higher a college photography student for an affordable rate?

Please Note: Do not ask for free work. Photographers work very hard at their craft, but many are open to a good barter (especially for services they need/want).

Clients are required to provide their own content. On our strategy consultation call we will dive into your brand and discuss the best way to position you as a speaker. You will be provided with a fill in the blank framework to collect all the information needed for your speaker sheet and I will review and provide you with recommendations for improvement. 

If you feel you need to enlist the services of a copywriter, this is something that can be done, but it as additional cost and would need to be discussed at the start of the project.

As soon as your contract is signed, we’ll get started. The typical turnaround time for a speaker one sheet is 1-2 weeks, which allows sufficient time for your feedback and review. 

Please look over my example speaker sheets or at my broader portfolio. If you like the work pictured here, you can have a reasonable expectation that I will produce similar results for you.

Yes. Your landing page is fantastic, but I think you should have BOTH. Your landing page simply is not as flexible as as speaker one sheet PDF. With a speaker one sheet you can easily hand it out at events, or attach a digital version to an email to key stakeholders. Some people may not take the extra action to visit your website, and you don’t want to lose that business. It’s also probable that if a potential client is comparing multiple speakers, they will want to print speaker one sheets and bring them to a meeting for comparison. You speaker one sheet contains ALL the info they need to make a decision. Make it and easy yes for them.

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