Establishing an identity for a new blog (or company!) has always been a daunting task for me. What word or two is going to sum up exactly everything I seek to do? What word can speak beyond simple syllables and encompass the essence and passion of what I am creating? It always seems so limiting, […]

Who’s watching anyway?

Back in college, I’d started my own side business, Formative Studios, with two partners. It was a small scale operation that we ran on the side, doing odd design jobs and small websites. Our size made us perfect for small businesses and single owner startups. Working with so many new owners gave me plenty of […]

When Murphy moves in. Literally.

I listen to Dave Ramsey from time to time for financial advice. One of the things he always says is that when you buy a house (especially on a slim budget), you better be prepared for Murphy to move into your spare bedroom. Well, what I didn’t know was that Murphy would be a hobo […]