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Guest Blog: SEO Debunked

What do you know about SEO? If you have a business, odds are you’ve seen the acronym SEO quite often. Knowing what that acronym entails is vital to the success of your business. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process that effects where your website ranks in search results,…
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How Long Should a Brand Project Take?

How Long Should a Brand Design Project Take?

Most brand designs for a small business will take from 3-6 weeks to complete. (see my article How much should a brand design cost for a breakdown of typical items included). This timeline will increase with the amount of added assets you are developing, and the creative process of the…
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Read This Before You Invest In A Brand Design

Read this before you invest in a brand design.

You started your new business, hooray! Now you need a logo, brand design, and website – right? Well, maybe. A brand design is a fantastic thing to have, but if you don’t have clarity on exactly who you serve, how you serve, and why your product or service is important,…
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How Much Should Brand Design Cost?

How Much Should Brand Design Cost?

A brand design can start around  $1,000 and go all the way to $40,000. Now, I know that’s a pretty big range, but don’t run off just yet. The $40,000 price tag buys a full branding agency with entire team of people, which brings a lot of overhead costs. Smaller…
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