How NOT to use a logo.

This week is short and simple because this is SO important that I don’t want you to think about anything else.

Not many things make designers squint their eyes, clench their fists, and try not to scream more than the misuse of a logo they designed…or really any logo actually.

Your logo is a centralizing brand element and it should be used as it was designed, or in the variations provided.  

Three golden rules:

  • Don’t stretch or skew, always keep the original proportions.
  • Don’t put your logo on a busy background.
  • Don’t adapt your logo with different frills and environments (i.e. It’s Christmas, wouldn’t it be fun to morph our logo into an ornament? No, please no.)  

If you’ve done these things, don’t feel bad. You’re not a designer, you’re a business owner and you were probably trying to be creative. Props for being creative and trying something new. Now, with these three rules in mind, think how else you might apply that creative energy!

That’s it. That’s my short post on how to get your designer to do a happy dance and make the design angels sing – oh, and of course keep your brand strong and awesome!

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