About Tasha Lee

Have you ever found yourself feeling burn-out, overwhelmed, anxious, uninspired, or stuck in the same old rut again? I get it – I’ve been there before. I spent most of my early career days maxed out with anxiety, and when I launched my own business, the dirty-gut feeling of not being “good enough” plagued me daily. Sometimes I avoided phone calls, I underbid jobs, worked long hours without personal time, and didn’t create boundaries for my own well-being.

Finally, I decided enough was enough. I made a career change, now, I’d like to say that solved all my problems –  it didn’t. It actually invited more. Turning up the heat on my career, I was forced through tremendous fast-paced growth and many hard lessons. Through this journey I gathered new tools and understandings to help me beat the burn-out, find greater acceptance, and ditch the stress.

Now I’m here to share those things with you! Your dreams and passions are needed in our world, but no one can benefit from them when you are held back by these cumbersome worries and they never see the light of day.

Let’s break past barriers and put your expression into motion.